Regulate more effectively.

Helm improves the standard of technology regulation

Regulations matter. They help protect consumers, create fair business environments, and foster innovation. We help regulations live up to these promises.


Increase compliance

Laws don’t always translate into action. Our product helps increase compliance by making regulations approachable and actionable for businesses.


Communicate directly

Cut through layers of interpretation. Our product lets regulators speak directly to the product owners and business leaders their laws impact most.


Regulate inclusively

Reach companies independent of their size. Our product helps regulators get feedback on emerging laws from companies both big and small.

How we work with regulators

Keep everyone on the same page. We work with regulators to update our platform and alert businesses about any upcoming changes.

Gain insights into which regulations are hardest to implement. We show common gaps and highlight where businesses struggle to comply.

Identify cross-jurisdictional conflicts. Our global platform highlights where tech laws contradict and kickstarts conversations among international regulators.

Receive consultation on emerging technologies. We help regulators gather feedback on and understand the potential impact of new pending laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you provide regulators about businesses using your platform?
Helm is a neutral, trusted partner to both businesses and regulators. Any information we provide regulators about our business customers is aggregated and anonymized.

Can regulators use your platform to regulate your business customers?
No. Regulators cannot use our platform to directly regulate our business customers, and never will.

I’m interested! How do I sign up?
Regulators, get in touch here to start a conversation about ways we can collaborate. If you are a business or product owner, learn more about our product and request an invite.

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