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Your go-to compliance tool.

Gain instant visibility into your cybersecurity and technology compliance gaps.

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Product features

One Profile to Rule Them All
Keep all your compliance-related details updated in one place. Have the information at your fingertips for the next time you’re asked.

Solutions Marketplace
Get connected with trusted companies and services that can help close compliance gaps where you aren’t able to.

Real-time Alerts
Get notified of compliance issues as they occur. We proactively measure your company and product against changing regulations that impact you.

Legal Library
Access a continually updated library of technology and cyber security laws and regulations, broken down in digestible and relevant ways.

Consultation on Emerging Laws
Stay on the forefront of changing regulations, and join the discussion with regulators and other business owners to directly shape them.

Reports and Dashboards
Build and customize reports and dashboards for easy communication among stakeholders across different departments and at any level.

How it works

You can't fix what you don't know is broken

Our proactive compliance platform helps your business meet standards that are not only required by the law, but also expected by your customers.

Know your gaps

See precisely where and how your business and products fall short of cybersecurity and tech regulations. Gain instant insight, as well as a peace of mind.

Save time & money

Manage compliance from one easy-to-access platform. Spend time answering customer questions instead of answering to lawyers and regulators.

Get everyone on the same page

Bridge the information and communication gaps across multiple departments (engineering, IT, legal, etc.) and levels (all the way to C-suite).

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Try Helm in Chrome

Install our Chrome extension to get a taste for how Helm instantly reveals compliance gaps. With just one click, scan any website to see its accessibility compliance score.

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